Herobrine DataPack for 1.21 / 1.20.6 / Spawn Herobrine

Herobrine 1.19.4

Herobrine DataPack for 1.21 is exceptionally distinctive and intriguing. Introducing the formidable presence of Herobrine into Minecraft. Designed to cater to players with a leaning for the unnatural and horror-themed experiences, the inclusion of Herobrine adds an element of fear. The new update elevates the peril of mining in deeper realms, and spine-chilling events accompanied by sound effects enhance the overall atmosphere. This Data Pack promises a unique and thrilling Minecraft encounter. It has been developed by EvilWire.

Incorporating emissive textures, this Data Pack enhances the glow in Herobrine’s eyes. Expect weapons to be dropped by Herobrine, and the spread of corruption has been slowed down. Explore new structures within the game. Herobrine can now summon formidable enemies that pose a greater challenge. Enjoy improved graphics and visuals for a nostalgic gaming experience. This modification fulfills the dreams of Herobrine enthusiasts, ensuring flawless functionality and a delightful gaming experience.

Herobrine Datapack Features:

  • Incorporated Herobrine with slight adjustments.
  • To summon Herobrine, craft the Totem.
  • If Herobrine’s eyes aren’t glowing, navigate to Video Settings > Quality > Emissive Textures = On.
  • Ensure custom items are enabled as well.
  • Introducing new recipes and advancements.
  • Experience random in-game jumpscares.
  • Discover spontaneously generated structures.
  • Game mechanics undergo modifications.
  • If Herobrine appears as a skeleton or zombie, navigate to Options -> Video Settings -> Quality -> Enable Random Entities: ON.
  • Verify the presence of custom items by going to Options -> Video Settings -> Quality -> Enable Custom Items: ON.

Herobrine Datapack Settings:

Creating the Totem involves following the steps below:

  • Reload the Data Pack to access two options.
  • Choose between obtaining the Totem or destroying it.
  • Select “Get the Totem.”
  • Position two golden blocks in a straight line and place the totem on the second block.
  • If it doesn’t work, try placing two totems above instead.
  • Ignite the totem with Flint and Steel.
  • Successful execution will indicate advancement achieved.
  • For checking Data Packs and reloading, use the following commands:
  • Check Data Packs: /datapack list
  • Reload Data Pack: /reload


Herobrine DataPack 1.19.4 Herobrine DataPack Herobrine Minecraft DataPack Herobrine 1.19.3

How to Install This Datapack:

  • Download the Data Pack.
  • Create a Minecraft World.
  • Then Save the Minecraft World.
  • Click on the Saved Minecraft World.
  • Then Click on Edit.
  • Open the Worlds Folder.
  • Put the Downloaded Data Pack into Data Packs folder.
  • Then click on the Save.
  • Try opening your Saved Minecraft World.
  • Using this Command: /datapack list.
  • If it does not show that you have no Data Packs, Then we might think you have not installed it correctly.

Download Herobrine Datapack for 1.21 till 1.19.4: 

For Minecraft 1.19.4:


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