Jurassic Craft Add-on

Jurassic Craft Jeep

Jurassic Craft Add-on was inspired from a very successful franchised named Jurassic Park series. You will have around 18 new dinosaurs in this game, Including T-Rex, indominus Rex and Spinosaurus. This Add-on was designed by Argll. 

This Add-on will add some very unique sets of behaviors you will find in this game. You can also tame and ride with them, but you will have to be careful. Because of their behavior of being aggressive and that will make them try to kill and eat you in this Add-on. But you can also tame them love them, fight with them and do whatever you want with them.

Recent Changes and Improvements for Lithos Luminous Add-on:

  • Added 7 different colors of Rabbits.
  • You will have ability to open the doors.
  • It will automatically be healed with the meat.
  • New name tags will be used to raptor’s color like Blue (Jurassic World).
  • You can also Breed them by feeding two adults with some meat.
  • New carnivores that will attack the dinosaurs and mobs.


Download Jurassic Craft Add-on:

For Minecraft:

How to Install This Add-on:

  • Firstly you will have to Download this Add-on.
  • Then you will get a file that will be named Resources. McPack.
  • After it you will get one more file that will be named Behaviors. McPack.
  • You will have to Apply the both packs to make your own Minecraft world.
  • Then you can create the world.
  • You will also get a .zip/rar file for this add-on from the top.
  • Have fun playing this Add-on.


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