Timber Data Pack for 1.20.6 / 1.19.4 / Instant Tree Chopper in Minecraft

Timber Data Pack for 1.16.5

Timber Data Pack for 1.20.6 is a unique modification that allows you to chop trees within a single attack. You will just have to click on the tree with a wooden sword to get many woods and leaves as possible in one go. Getting woods have become easier by using this Data Pack. It also works in the survival mode, You can also farm woods very quickly in order to make craftable items in this game.

This Data Pack is one the most oldest and popular Data Pack we have ever seen. It also works on the latest version of Minecraft. It works with every type of logs. They will also support some custom trees. Leaves will drop the normal loot. Many options have been given for the customization. It will be working with every type of axe in the game. Settings will be given in the video down below.

Timber Datapack Features:

  • Wooden Axe will chop tree in just one hit.
  • You will have to Craft Wooden Axe.
  • It will chop tree instantly with its leaves and wood.

Timber Datapack Settings:

  • Easy Data Pack only requires two commands.
  • /reload
  • /datapack list
  • /function timber:help
  • On and Off Datapack? /trigger TimberToggle.


Timber Data Pack for 1.14.4 Timber Data Pack for 1.15.2 Timber Data Pack for 1.13.2

Installation and Gameplay:

Timber Datapack for 1.20.6 – 1.19.4:

For Minecraft 1.20.2:

For Minecraft 1.19.4:

Minecraft 1.18.2:

For Minecraft 1.17.1:

Minecraft 1.16.5:

For Minecraft 1.15.2:

How to Install This Datapack:

  • Download the Data Pack.
  • Create a Minecraft World.
  • Then Save the Minecraft World.
  • Click on the Saved Minecraft World.
  • Then Click on Edit.
  • Open the Worlds Folder.
  • Put the Downloaded Data Pack into Data Packs folder.
  • Then click on the Save.
  • Try opening your Saved Minecraft World.
  • Using this Command: /datapack list.
  • If it does not show that you have no Data Packs, Then we might think you have not installed it correctly.


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  1. nez says:

    no link for the 1.20 version

    • Emily says:

      There is only 1.19.4 version out as by official developer, We’re currently waiting for the 1.20 to be released by the official developer himself.

  2. Jakub says:

    Czy jest możliwość ścinanie grzybów w netherze oraz na biomie wielkich grzybów ?

  3. Vincent Lane says:

    then why state on the title 1.20.3

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