Meow Society Resource Pack 1.21 / Different Types of Animals

Meow Society 1.19.4

Meow Society Resource Pack 1.21 will be based on bringing different types of animals. It will bring various types of animals that will bring a whole new unique atmosphere within the game.  You will be getting a 16×16 resolution that can run on different types of computers from high to low end. This Resource Pack have been completely finished, But some further minimal changes will be coming soon. It have been completely built by its official developer named CreeperMax123.

This Resource Pack will be  enhancing the visual appearance of cats and ocelots. They will be giving them some more realistic looks that will closely resembles their real-life counterparts. In Bamboo Jungles, ocelots will be replaced by Red Pandas, adding to the natural feel of the environment. Additionally, there are several customizable options available, including Namable Variants such as Raccoons, Red Pandas, and popular internet cat breeds. For those who prefer a more exclusive experience, the Just Pandas Addon is also included. which restricts spawning to only Raccoons and Red Pandas while featuring four unique Raccoon styles.

Meow Society Settings:

  • You will have to do this settings for this Resource Pack.
  • Options -> Video Settings -> Quality, Make sure that they are on.
  • Custom Entity Models: On.
  • Emissive Textures: On.
  • Random Entities: On.
  • Required OptiFine to make it work.

Meow Society Resource Pack Recent Changes:

  • New Red Panda and ocelots.
  • Added Raccoons and Bamboo Jungles.
  • Fixed Items and Textures.
  • Changed Mobs and Animals.
  • New Inventory and Features.
  • Added Terrain and Sky.


Meow Society Texture Pack Meow Society Meow Society Resource Pack

Download Meow Society Resource Pack for 1.21:

For Minecraft 1.19.4:

How to Install This Resource Pack: 

  • Download this Resource Pack.
  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • Open the %appdata% folder on your computer.
  • Navigate to the .minecraft folder.
  • Locate the Resource Pack folder.
  • Move the unzipped Resource Pack file into the folder.
  • Launch Minecraft and select the pack from the Resource Packs menu.
  • Enjoy playing with the new Resource Pack.

We Recommend you to Download &  install OptiFine HD for better gaming experience.


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