ReCrafted Mobs Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.20.5, 1.19.4, 1.18.2

ReCrafted Mobs 1.17.1

ReCrafted Mobs Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.20.5 will be adding your most favorite mobs into your Minecraft universe. The Mobs will be looking absolutely fantastic with a new skin. Each and every mobs have been imported from various types of Minecraft versions. They have been redesigned to make them look unique between others. This Resource Pack have been 100% completed, It comes in a standard resolution of 16×16. It has been developed by the GillsBills.

This Resource Pack have included mobs from the Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Earth, Bedrock edition and many more. They have worked so hard to create this masterpiece from scratch for the love of the mobs. You will be able to play with every mobs during the game with this pack. Mob variants will be having their own skins and they can spawn naturally in your game. Mobs will be looking very colorful and beautiful at the same time. But some other mobs will be looking dark and scary as they were before.

ReCrafted Mobs Resource Pack Updatelogs for 1.20.5:

  • Added Mobs from Dungeons and Arcade.
  • New Mobs from Bedrock and Education Edition.
  • Required things to do to make this Resource Pack work will be below.
  • Custom Entity > Models > On.
  • Random Entitites > On.
  • Emissives Textures > On.
  • New Baby Ghast and Soul Wizard.
  • Added Furnace Golems and Endermans.
  • Improved Axolotl and Wither.
  • OptiFine is also required in order to make this work correctly.


ReCrafted Mobs Download ReCrafted Mobs Resource Pack ReCrafted Mobs Texture Pack ReCrafted Mobs ReCrafted Mobs 1.16.5

Download ReCrafted Mobs Resource Pack for 1.20.5:

For Minecraft 1.18.2:

For Minecraft 1.17.1:

How to Install This Resource Pack: 

  • Few simple steps to Install this Resource Pack.
  • Download this Resource Pack.
  • You will get a .zip file for this Resource Pack.
  • You will have to open the %appdata% folder.
  • Then you will have to go to .minecraft folder.
  • You will have to go to Resource Pack Folder.
  • Move the downloaded .zip file into that folder.
  • After it then you will have to run Minecraft after placing the .zip file.
  • Then You will have to Open Minecraft.
  • Have fun while playing with Friends.


We do Recommend you to Download and install  OptiFine HD to enhance your gaming experience with Shaders.


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