Rhinestone 32x Resource Pack for 1.20.5 – Modern Textures

Rhinestone 32x 1.18.2

Rhinestone 32x Resource Pack for 1.20.5 will be based on a mixed theme of modern and realistic. It will also be providing detailed, modern textures with the help of atmospheric changes. You will be getting a standard resolution of 32×32. This Resource Pack have been designed by the FatBatman.

This Resource Pack will be enhancing the visual appeal of your world while providing you a realistic experience as much as possible. Grass, flowers have been reworked in order to make them look real as real life. Houses have been carefully designed in order to make them very cozy and beautiful. Crops will be looking tremendous while retaining the colorful appereance. It will be soon ported to the Bedrock Edition as said by the designer himself.

Rhinestone 32x Resource Pack Recent Changes:

  • Added Farmland moist and Furnace.
  • New Farmland and Diorite.
  • Changed Diamond Block and Crafting Table Top.
  • Updated Copper ore and Carrots.
  • Fixed Bookshelf and Grass.
  • New Andesite and Acacia Log.


Rhinestone 32x Resource Pack Rhinestone 32x Rhinestone 32x 1.20

Download Rhinestone 32x Resource Pack for 1.20.5:

For Minecraft 1.19.3:

How to Install This Resource Pack: 

  • Step 1: Download this Resource Pack.
  • Step 2: You will get a .zip file for this Resource Pack.
  • Step 3: You will have to open the %appdata% folder.
  • Step 4: Then you will have to go to .minecraft folder.
  • Step 5: You will have to go to Resource Pack Folder.
  • Step 6:Move the downloaded .zip file into that folder.
  • Last Steps: After it then you will have to run Minecraft after placing the .zip file.
  • Then You will have to Open Minecraft.
  • You can Enjoy playing this Resource Pack.


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